Grilled Avocado Sandwich


There is a sudden oversupply of avocados in the Singapore Market .  I remember having a tough time in selecting the best from the little basket of raw avocados, pay S$2 for each I picked and wait for over 3-4 days for them to naturally ripen ; Now you see big caskets of  ripened Hass variety of these butter-fruits imported directly from America and thanks to their profusion, they now cost just  S$ 2.75 for 3!!  ( Please don’t judge me!)  Singapore food market relies completely on imports, so prices are decided by the supply. ( I even remember paying S$3.6 /kg for my Indian tomatoes 😐 )

Anyway, I love avocados for its distinct texture & health benefits and now I had an encouraging reason to take them to my kitchen! 🙂 While I was happily choosing my dark spotty Alligator Pear ( that’s what they are called for obvious reasons ) , my brain was churning ideas to effectively use them. As I trotted  further, I entered supermarket’s in-house bakery section and that is when a loaf of herb Focaccia caught my eye. The sound of “Avocado & herb Focaccia Sandwich” sounded both fresh and delicious! So here it goes:

Quick Ingredients:

  • Focaccia Loaf
  • Lettuce
  • 1.5 cups of Guacamole
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Butter/Olive oil ( to lightly grease the bread)

Avocado Sandwich

I started by making fresh tangy guacamole dip, using the same recipe that we shared with you in our express Mexican platter.  To quickly reiterate I used pulp from 2 medium ripe avocados, one medium onion, one medium tomato, few green chilies ( instead of jalapeno peppers ) , loads of cilantro,  salt and lime to taste.


It takes 5 mins to mins to assemble the sandwich once the guacamole spread is ready ( which in itself is a very quick process).

Avocado Sandwich

Whether to have this sandwich grilled or just raw is completely an individual choice. I like to grill it to make this preparation more interesting. When grilled, the focaccia gets a li’l crisp and adds a new dimension to the otherwise gooey filling of guacamole, tomatoes and cheese.  I lightly brushed the bread with butter spread so it doesn’t become too dry. Olive oil can also be a healthy substitute.

Avocado Sandwich

All set to be Grilled in the oven

Just give it 5 mins in the oven. Alternately, you may choose to toss it on grill pan over a gas stove just enough to make the bread crisp.  You may serve this with extra guacamole and lemon wedge.

The freshness of ingredients is the highlight of this sandwich. Cilantro, chili and Lime add zing to this nutritious meal while cheese and avocado add to the creamy texture.  I made this sandwich for quick breakfast. Its simple, healthy and heavenly!

Avocado Grill

Replacing just a couple of  ingredients, this recipe can be made suitable for our vegan friends. Olive Oil, Vegan Bread and Vegan Cheese are the ingredients that could be incorporated.

To all our working/ bachelor/lazy  friends, who have been requesting us to share some fast and easy health recipes, this quick fix is for you! We hope you’d enjoy it.

Have a munchy weekend!


Team 156, Hungerlane

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Eggless Double Chocolate Cookies

DoubleChocolate Cookie Banner

I sincerely believe that there should not be just one day to celebrate Love but the hype that is created around February 14th makes it really hard for me to treat it as just another day! Suddenly, red and pink roses pop out of nowhere, reserving a table even at your regular lunch/dinner place either becomes impossible or it comes with a big cover charge or both! The radio station starts playing all romantic numbers, the pizza company doesn’t guarantee on-time delivery.. In fact, look at us, even we had to succumb to the pressure of having a special menu just to keep ourselves in the context!  🙂

Valentine’s Day , sadly, has not been included in the Holiday Calendar as yet ! Those who are still in school/ college make sure that they step out of their homes on pretext of attending “the most important class/ quiz” but for those who have to attend office,unfortunately, there are not many excuses possible to take leave from their bosses.. Ask us why? Because  those who are “apparently” single, do not wish to give their bosses any food for thought, and those who are legally committed do not want to sound cheesy or distracted!

This is the last weekend before February the 14th, since most of us would be working on that day, we thought we might share a recipe that gives you an opportunity to prepare a surprise for you loved one, well in advance. Something that you can store and can relish any time. Something that every one likes like ummmmmmmmmmm… Cookies! We have posted Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe earlier, but this one is a little variation since it does not use eggs. We are making Double Chocolate Cookies that uses both Cocoa and Choco Chips!

Cookie Ingredients

Yes, we will use all these unconventional ingredients in our cookies. While jaggery has been used to substitute Brown Sugar ( though we still recommend brown sugar over jaggery),  flax seeds powder have been used to replace eggs. The mix nuts powder that we have used here are ground almonds and cashews. The natural flavor and oils from this nut helps giving the cookies an added crunch! Moving forward:

Cookie Recipe

Our cookie dough became a little sticky since the butter melts in the kneading process. To cope with that, we put the dough in the refrigerator for 20 mins ..the butter hardens and makes the dough manageable. You should also put the left over dough in the fridge in between baking batches.

Cookie Dough

We made big wide rolls of cookie dough for baking. You may choose the size to your liking but keep them at some distance on the baking tray as the dough expands as it bakes. Flatten the dough with your hand if you want crisp thin cookies. Here, we tried making gooey cookies by making thick dough rolls.

Baked Cookies

Cookie with  chocochips!


It’s important to carefully transfer the cookies on cooling rack or else they would crumble . Fresh baked cookies are very soft and they  get harder as they cool. If you wish to get cookies in any particular shape this is the best time to get your cookie cutter handy!  Cut the cookies gently using cutter of your desired shape and size right after you take them out of the oven.

Going by the theme, we cut this cookie using heart-shaped cutter and dipped it in molten chocolate! You can write your message using icing cones/ icing pens   ( You may even request your local baker to do this for you 🙂 )

Cookie Heart

These cookies can be decorated in many ways – use candies, gems, icing cones etc. to send your message across. If you are planning to take your relationship to next level and propose, create a small slit in the cookie while it’s still soft to place your proposal ring! We are sure she would be thrilled!  { There is a good possibility of her being more thrilled seeing the cookie ( since you baked it) than the ring! :P}

Cookie Jar

Store the cookies in an airtight container. I especially painted this Cookie Jar to suit the occasion. Yellow is one of Ashim’s favorite colors and even I wanted something bright and happy for my kitchen top!  I painted the steel -rusted-glass jar cap with yellow acrylic color and made some polka dots using my nail paint. The red felt fabric bow helped in balancing the whole arrangement and even looks like a jar knob handle. This is the time when you let your creative juices flow.

Cookie Jar

We hope you enjoy trying this recipe.  We shall soon come up with something savory for your palette.

Till then,

Take care and Happy Weekend 🙂


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5 minutes Eggless Cake-in-a-Mug!

Cake in a Mug!

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
― Charles M. Schulz

Celebrating February, a month of Love and we believe in Love,  in every form! We promised our foodies a Valentine’s Day Menu.. a menu that would help you plan a surprise for your loved one.. your partner, parents, friends or siblings!  We would especially like to dedicate this recipe to our male subscribers, not only because it is easy to make but also because it is quick and uses simple ingredients! We promise it would help you gain those brownie points that you can cash on for the rest of the year!

This recipe is : Without egg, quick and being the first recipe of our Valentine’s Day Series – has Chocolate!  As Jo Brand said “Anything is good if it’ s made of chocolate” and we do not want to take chances on our first recipe of this series, do we? 🙂 156hungerlane_vday

The USP of this recipe is how  quick it is to make, and we do not really want to dilute that by making you lose time in reading between the lines :P. So without any further ado, here is what you need: 


Of course, a Cake-in-a-Mug recipe would require a Mug but remember, the more interesting the mug , the better the impact!  Be a little creative! We especially bought this red mug to give you an idea of what we mean!

Choco-chips and Cocoa Powder are the main ingredients! I recently got my hands on Van Houten Chocolate Powder (as in the picture) and I am super happy with the results! You may choose any brand that you have/ like.

And last but not the least, the Heart urges you to pour your heart out in your cooking, especially when its meant for someone dear, believe you me, the results would reflect your feelings completely!

Moving ahead, along with these main items, here’s what you would need:



You may add choco-chips while beating the cake batter  or just top few chips on the top before the mug goes in the microwave – we did  BOTH! ( We never have enough of Chocolate, do we?) Irrespective of what the size of the mug is, just fill it to the quarter (or the cake would not cook completely). Don’t be too tempted to cook the cake for too long in the microwave, it dries up a lot faster in convection cooking and can eventually burn. (In my first attempt months ago, I had my cakes on fumes!)PicMonkey Collage

With a little judgement,  this Recipe is really a no fail. It is also ideal for any occasion where you wish to serve individual portions! For now, try it to surprise your Beloved and wish the last few days of these winters a warm chocolatey Goodbye!

Cake Hungerlane

Hope this recipe works wonders for you! We would be back soon with few more interesting recipes in this 8 day countdown to the Valentines Day! Watch this space!



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Eggless Pancakes

Though Pancakes is quintessential American Breakfast, we think there is no particular time or day to have them!  Why?
a. They are easy to make, if you don’t believe us.. just follow try this recipe and you would also agree with us.
b. They offer room for so many variations, you can choose to use choco-chips, fresh fruits, berries or just butter with your pancakes.
c. They are Pancakes! They are simply Delicious, the fresh hot pancakes are so soft that they just melt in your mouth! mmmm..
Pancakes also have many close variations, make them thin and increase their diameter, they will be called Crepes in Europe. Make them thick and  they would be called as Flapjacks in US and Canada. Replace  flour with  Cornmeal and they would become Mexican Hotcakes!  Even the savory Pooda/Cheela or Uttapams from Southern India are kind of  pancakes!
Anyway, without losing our focus let’s come back to the conventional Pancakes, cooked completely without eggs! The ingredients are as follows:
The Yogurt acts as a replacement for eggs and is a great leveling agent. The Baking powder is the raising agent. When mixed  with salt, they all work together to raise the cake when subjected to heat. The quantity of sugar can be increased as per taste. Since we would serve it with maple syrup or strawberry sauce, we have tried to make the pancake a little less sweeter. The oil would ensure that the cake binds together and does not become too hard.
At the mixing step you can add little surprises in your pancakes.. Use cinnamon or nutmeg powder, chocochips,  blueberries or even small mango pieces to flavor your pancakes.  It’s really the right time for you to experiment.
Just remember to keep beating the mixture when you add milk, it should not get too thin or it would make the cakes thin and sticky.. We don’t want any FUGLYCAKES, do we??  It should be thicker than the cake batter. It’s a good idea to use hand blender to ensure the batter has no lumps and it gets smooth. When my batter gets few bubbles I know I am on the right track!
Heat the non stick griddle or frying pan on medium heat and lightly grease it with butter. Put just a ladle full of batter and spread lightly till you get the desired size and thickness. Conventionally pancakes are round in shape but you can be creative and make them in any shape! 

Let the cake cook till you see its sides getting golden brown, ideally on a nonstick pan it leaves the sides itself. Cook on both the sides until they are golden brown.  The heat that reaches the pancake varies according to the pan being used, with your fair judgement and few trial & errors,  you would be able to have an idea about how long would it take to cook your pancake perfectly!


Serve stacks of your pancakes,  dust them with icing sugar, put a small dollop of butter and loads of fresh fruits of your choice.

Maple Syrups are the most common accompaniment to the Pancakes. You can also make your own syrups like strawberry or chocolate sauce. We are sharing a quick recipe for strawberry sauce. It just requires: 3/4 cup Fresh diced Strawberries, 1/2 cup water and 3 tbsp sugar. Just put them on medium heat and boil it till strawberries get squished and sauce thickens! You can blend the cooled mixture to get smooth sauce but I use it just as it is with soft strawberry pieces.

Make a delicious serving loaded with sauces, fruits & whatever you can think of. While serving kids use ice cream or whipped cream!

Pancakes can be both sweet and savory !  They can be served with even vegetables and cheese!  Infact, there is a restaurant here in Singapore called Strictly Pancakes with a great spread and as the name suggests, each and every item on their menu has pancakes! 

Hope you try this recipe soon and share with us about what variation did you experiment with! ( Try Chocolate or Nutella with fresh bananas and nuts!)

I would like to end  this post with a quote about Love and…. Pancakes! 🙂

“Love is a bicycle with two pancakes for wheels. You may see love as more of an exercise in hard work, but I see it as more of a breakfast on the go.” – Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not for Sale



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