Restaurant Review : Arz Lebanon

This valentines, my husband treated me with a trip to Dubai for a reunion with our common friends. 4 days of Fun, Friends and Food…. Good times… 🙂

After a long day of work & travel, when we finally reached Dubai, we were really looking forward to a great first meal.  Our friends staying in Dubai – Gautam and Udita suggested this as the first place we should try for authentic Lebanese food – ‘Arz Lebonon’.

Arz Lebonon_156hungerlane

The Restaurant!

We were all really excited looking at the menu with all its unfamiliar dishes. Gautam and Udi ordered us a banquet that covered pretty much the best of Lebanese cuisine and some of Arz Lebanon’s most popular dishes. While the starters came, I took some time to go around the restaurant. It was lunch time and the restaurant was full with people from different nationalities enjoying a great family meal. The restaurant offers 2 seating options – inside the restaurant or open air seating outside. We preferred outside as we had landed in a good weather season 🙂 The restaurant is ideally located, right off the main road, close to the beach and offers parking space right outside the restaurant.

The Menu!

The Menu was interesting and long with something to offer for everyone – those of us who wanted to try some authentic Lebanese food and also for those of us who didn’t want to step out of our comfort zones and order a club sandwich or a spaghetti bolognese. The best part about the menu was that there were plenty of vegetarian options for our vegan friends.

The Food!

We started with Tabbouleh, Fattoush and Hummus served with Pita bread. How fun are these names! Our excitement rose as the salads hit our table and we dived straight in. Toubbouleh looked like our basic kuchumber salad with a refreshing dressing of olive oil, lime and some Lebanese herbs. It tasted great with pita bread. I was personally more interested in Fattoush with its pomegranate molasses and sumac spice mix and boy was I happy to try it! The sweet and sour dressing was just perfect. The hummus to my surprise was quite different and slightly on the tangier end. But hummus is hummus. You cannot not like it :). What I did however not like so much were the soups. We had ordered for a noodle soup and chicken soup and there were just ok.. I wouldn’t recommend the soups if you are in to try something exotic.

We also ordered for some fresh juices to complement a bright sunny afternoon. The juices were natural and refreshing, especially the lime juice with mint that you see in the picture. It was heavenly.

arz lebanon_starter_156hungerlane

As if this was not enough, we ordered for a second round of starters comprising of Falafalsgrilled chicken and lamb skewers and my utmost favorite Zaatar Manakeesh or Thyme Pizzettas. Manakeesh is kind of a Lebonese pizza with a topping of dried thyme, toasted sessemme seeds and sumac powder.  I would highly recommend it, maybe because I love everything that is remotely Italian 🙂

Anyways, bunch of exotic stuff later, my friends wanted to try something familiar, so we ordered a vegetarian pizza, steak in mushroom sauce and chicken biryani… Italian,  American and Indian in a Lebanese restaurant. What a great example of globalization! Going by the quality of food served before, we were sure that it would be equally good and so it was.

We were too full for desserts so skipped that bit. There was plenty on offer though. They have a separate dessert counter with yummy looking cup cakes, cheesecakes, chocolates to choose from and it’s quick popular too. Would recommend some space in the tummy left for this course of the meal 🙂


The Service:

Unlike the food, the service was a bit slow which could be attributed to the packed up restaurant. However, the gentleman in charge of our table apologized humbly and ensured that we get the food we had ordered as quickly as possible.

Final Rating:

All in all – here is my final rating:

Location and Seating: 8 | Menu: 8 | Food: 8 | Service: 7 = Aggregate score of 7.75

Top Favorites : Fatoosh, Manakeesh and Lime juice with mint

Do share your views of the restaurant if you have been there or ever go there. Let us know if you ordered anything else that you would highly recommend.

Here is where you can find Arz Lebanon:

Ground Floor, Delphine Building, Marina Promenade, Dubai Marina, DubaiLandmark: Behind Jumeirah Beach Residence Zip Code: 22399
City of Dubai
Phone: +971 4 4221994



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