Restaurant Review: New York Fries

We are back and we are munching… this time its HOT n CRISP FRIES! Yes, we are talking about the thick Julienne-d deep fried potatoes or pomme frites ( as called in France). I think I can take liberty in saying that Fries are enjoyed by all age groups. In fact, Fries today have become one of the first things that toddlers start nibbling on!

You must be wondering why are we talking about something as basic as Fries here! Well, we recently visited a restaurant that serves only Fries with interesting toppings..  New York Fries (NYF)!  

Though the origin of fries is still debatable, most attribute it in France and are therefore often called as French Fries. Then why is this restaurant called New York Fries ? No, it doesn’t even have a franchise in New York yet, in fact not even in America!  Actually, the owners got inspired by the fries they tasted in New York and wanted to let the whole world taste them. They now have outlets in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Bahrain and few other parts of middle east.

On our recent travel trip, we had a chance to visit the New York Fries outlets in both Hong Kong and Macau. Believe me,  nothing is as satisfying on cold sunny December afternoon as Hot crisp munchies accompanied by a beverage. It was our day to visit the pier at the Stanley ( a peninsular town in southern district of Hong Kong) Apparently, NYF had recently opened its outlet at the Stanley Plaza and we were happy with our serendipitous find!


NYF at Stanley Plaza (Amphitheatre Area)

What’s different?

 At NYF,  fries are made from fresh russet Burbank potatoes, hand cut leaving the potato skin on. The potatoes are then cooked in non hydrogenated, trans fat-free sunflower oil, which is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol free. The Fries are accompanied by brilliant topping options, the poutine being my favorite.  Poutine is NYF’s signature trans fat-free gravy and it’s super delicious.


Our request for a photo was promptly granted!

The Menu

Though the menu comprises of many interesting variations, the non-vegetarians enjoy more options to choose from Pork , Braised Beef to Butter Chicken. Irrespective of what you order, you have a Toppings Bar open for you to make additions as per your choice. The Topping Bar gives you an array of fresh ingredients to add to your already delicious fries. Apart from fresh chopped tomatoes, jalapeno, olives relish etc., the condiments like vinegar , tabasco and pepper sauces are also available to enhance the flavors  and adjust them according to your taste buds, and yes all the things on this counter are Free of Cost! (Does that ring a bell??)


Counter with Toppings

We ordered the interesting Veggie Works that consists of New York Fries topped with our cheese sauce, real sour cream, and fresh green onions and tomatoes. We topped them further with jalapeno & relish and we were good to go! Every bite was hot and crisp.. with sauces melting in our mouth! The Veggies added to the desired crunch and the flavor..really a hearty snack!


Veggie Works

For all those who have been wondering how heavy or unhealthy these fries could be…Just Relax!  At New York fries, you would know exactly what you are having as the restaurant has consolidated a Nutritional Chart to cover all the items in their menu.  To check the nutritional value of  NYF menu, you may click here – Nutritional Chart !

NYF_MacauThese giant fries were exhibited outside New York Fries Outlet at The Galaxy Macau. They had the same texture and feel of the actual New York Fries.. too bad, they were not edible.  But, if you are looking for delicious, quick and handy meal ( including beverage) options within HK$100 ( INR  700/- ), you should definitely stop by here!

There are many outlets of NYF spread across the world ( but we can vouch for the one that we visited at Stanley, since it provides excellent view and seating options. It is located at:

Shop G08B, Stanley Plaza
23, Carmel Road
Stanley, HK
Hope you’d  follow our review and share your feedback , till then keep Munching!   

PS :  Since NYF has not yet opened in Singapore , we found alternatives like BFF – Best Fries Forever and Everything with Fries.  We shall review these places sometime soon.

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: New York Fries

  1. The NYF in HK doesn’t taste as good as the ones in Canada. Personal experience from having tried both many times 🙂

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