Soup Series 4: Broccoli Almond Soup

So we are already past mid-November. While people in many parts of the world like Europe and US , are already chilled to the bone and have kick-started their Christmas preparations, in Northern India we are just welcoming the winter season after wrapping up Diwali celebrations!  For the next couple of months more than half of the world would wake up to misty mornings, feel the chill in the air and  might experience haziness from fog all day long! Ahh.. the sweet smell of winters, being stuck in hot and humid weather of Singapore, I can trade anything to experience that winter glory!

Winters are very special to me, for reasons more than one! Some of them being:

– You get to completely change your wardrobe, from summer cottons to thick winter clothing( rather, layers of clothing)

– Grand festivities happen during this time.. Diwali, Christmas, New Year.. In fact, it’s  also the wedding season in India!  O Balle- Balle!  (that reminds me even my anniversary is around the corner! << switch-Thinking what gift to ask for….errr  Switch back>> )

– You eat as much as you want and can hide it under your pullover! 😉 You lose count of number of cups of Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee or Soups you gulp down just to keep yourself warm!

We can’t really teach you how to make tea and coffees here( either you are already an expert or have a favorite coffee chain that you are loyal to) , but we sure can get you more of simple soup quickies that would keep you warm in this winter season!

So we hope that with our Broccoli Almond Soup recipe, your quest to try a quick, diet , nutrition and health entree takes a brief halt!

Broccoli is known as miracle food! Apart from being rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, it is known to contain potent anti- cancer properties. Eating Broccoli in raw form is a growing practice but in this recipe we would boil Broccoli Florets and its stalks! Yes,  we use the soft broccoli stalks too!

Almonds are one of the most nutritious of all nuts. They are low in saturated fats and are  full of many vital nutrients!

Broccoli+ Almond= Good Health & Happy Heart! 

Apart from these obvious ingredients, here’s what more you would need:

Onion and Potatoes give  this soup a little sweet mellow taste,  Milk gives the creamy texture while garlic acts a seasoning ! Celery, if available, can also be used to flavor this soup.  One stalk of celery may be chopped and added while boiling the broccoli stems.

Once you have all that you need, here is a quick recipe that needs to be followed:

If you like your soup little flowy, you can increase the quantity of milk/water or even skip adding the corn starch.

Serve it hot in a soup bowl or coffee mugs!Generously top with roasted almond shavings.. the crunch of almonds compliments the creamy texture of the soup! 

We hope you enjoy this Health Recipe.. Happy Winters!

Stay Warm! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Soup Series 4: Broccoli Almond Soup

  1. rajan chadha

    very nice illustration and thoughts

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