Eggless Cappuccino Walnut Brownies

First of all ,  a BIG Thanks to all the foodies who have been encouraging us to keep posting new recipes ! 

We are at our experimental best and are really loving it!

So here we are , back with a special treat for your sweet tooth…. with Brownies! Of course, we have already posted recipe to the easy breezy brownies earlier, but this brownie recipe has a subtle variation, its without egg , its darker and its coffee flavored! 

But, since its dark chocolate and coffee flavored, shouldn’t it be called Mochaccino Brownies? May be! But I would still stick on calling them Cappuccino Brownies because it takes me back to the place where I first tasted it in 2009, at Angels in my Kitchen, a popular patisserie chain in New Delhi.  They have great dessert menu including these sumptuous brownies! The coffee flavored brownies have a very little yet very appreciable variation to regular chocolate brownies!  Believe me when I say, the coffee twist is a double treat! ( I am sure all Tiramisu fans would agree!)

One last thing about Brownies, before I go ahead and share this recipe:  Whenever you are baking one for yourself,  just remember,  be  it chocolate , coffee, walnut or roasted almonds…Brownies have to be gooey!  In a way that you just don’t bite on it but you chew it!

Hope you can’t wait to bake your very own brownie now.. So without any further ado, let’s begin!

This Recipe makes 9 square (2″) brownies by using a square 6″X 6″ brownie mould.

The ingredients are very basic and are generally used in all cake preparations. Yoghurt or Yogurt helps the cake to rise and acts as a replacement of  eggs.  You may also chose to use roasted almonds instead of walnuts.

The flour lining on the brownie mould prevents the base from burning or getting too crisp. It also ensures that the brownie comes out clean.

Please  wait for the brownie to completely cool down before you cut it or can crumple.  Use a cooling rack instead of plate/tray to ensure the base of the brownie doesn’t stick to the base due to moisture. 


Serve warm brownies with tea or as desserts along with ice cream and chocolate sauce.The detailed serving suggestions have already been shared at the end of Nupur’s brownie post published earlier. The quick link is here:

We hope you enjoy baking these brownies as much as you enjoy eating err..  chewing them! 🙂

Please keep sharing your experiences and feedback…….. We are hungry but we are listening!



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6 thoughts on “Eggless Cappuccino Walnut Brownies

  1. Coffee, Chocolate and walnut… such a devilish combo 😛
    Never tried the coffee extract in my walnut brownie… gotta try it soon 🙂

  2. Tanuja jain

    Luks very tempting n sounds easy to make
    Guess will try them n then let you know how have they come out ..
    Thanks for shareing your recipes with us .
    All d best … N congrats for ur wonderfully idea 🙂

  3. Anu

    Amazing work girls !! gonna try it soon..

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